Fatwa Haram Smoking by MUI (Ulama Indonesian Chamber)

After a few times I ask my smoker friends, then I decide.
MUI fatwa Haram Merokok is overshoot, because millions of people might hang their live from the cigarette industry. Ranging from tobacco farmers, cigarette industry workers, the marketing cigarette distributor, sales, etc. In my village, there are a lot of tobacco farmers in Cindaga area such Gilisampir, Wlahar and Poncot. Even there is not cigarette factory in Cindaga village, but it doesn’t mean less impact.
According to our simple minds, it's not a problem for us to stop smoking. Yet while smoking is known as makruh (disliked), it has not been classified as a crime or haram in the past. And if you can stop smoking would be a good of saving money.
If only Indonesian government policies and MUI Fatwa (instructions) were in harmonious. Then it would be the best, because fatwa recently issued by the MUI is too ridiculous. If the government does not take the tobacco tax it won’t make a big contradiction like nowadays.
If MUI forbid children and woman from consuming cigarette, while the Indonesian government still wants to take tobacco tax, it would be look like vehicles who have two drivers. The majority Muslim people of Indonesia become confused and in doubt. This does not mean I do not support the MUI, but because I love the MUI too much. I do not want and really do not like that MUI being harassment object. I do not want MUI Fatwa is not valued. And jobless problem in Indonesia should be considered too. Remember! "kaadal fukro ayyakuuna minal kufron, mean: almost the poverty bring to the crime (unbelief, rebellion)

Would that be great if we learn from the historical era? Such as Demak Sultanate commissioned Sunan Giri as the head of mufti (kind of MUI in that era). Which the mufti is respected by all Muslim in the whole Indonesian archipelago. While they (sultan and mufti) are best match partner.
Honestly, I just want Indonesian Government fully support MUI at 100 %.

— Sunday, February 1, 2009