Contoh Pidato Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009

If it can not improve, at least do not make any damage, if you can not serious don't make it a game. (quoted and added by Tukang Nggame International)
Created in order to enliven a Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009.

Tukang nggame greet you Shalom
With all respect, to all brothers that I love, youth representatives who present here, and to the entire audience, Ladies and Gentlemen, good morning all!
First, let us thank Allah SWT because of His blessings, we can all gather here at the Kampanye Damai (Peace Campaign) ceremony this morning. Peace and prayers we will say to our great prophet, Muhammad SAW, his family, friends, and all followers. Amen!
In this opportunity I want to talk about the Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 or Peace Campaign Election Indonesian 2009 later.
We know in 64 years this nation has felt the freedom. Struggles after long suffer that has been done to obtain this freedom. Sweat and blood has been pouring by our hero, our ancestor, so that independence can be realized. In 64 years, Indonesia has been celebrating Independence Day. With all respect, with peace and joy, with the utmost happiness, and with ease in our Indonesia independence. And in 64 years already, we have built this country. In sadness and happiness, in hope and despair, in the fate and love, nevertheless as quoted by tukang nggame above, about fix and damage. How is Indonesia condition right now?

Too many problems suffered by Indonesia at this time. The huge number of unemployment, foreign debt, belief crisis, inter-religious conflict, corruption, poor education, and poverty. Shall we stay still in the situation like this forever?
Not, my brothers! We will build the country of Indonesia as well as possible, because that is our responsibility to our children and grandchildren and especially to our forefathers who have sacrifice for the sake Indonesian Independence on this green earth.

Tukang ricuh : anarchist

Which way will we build the country of Indonesia? Is it suit using the peace way? Or, maybe we prefer ride to the tumultuous road? Is it necessary for us to take the life of head of the council of people representatives (DPR) through riot demonstration, as has happened with the late Abdul Aziz Angkat in North Sumatra only for our personal ambition? Are we not ashamed? Or maybe our nerve fiber of shame already breaks out at all?

I'm too shy
Oops, I am so embarrassed to talk further in this Kampanye Damai speech. I am ashamed to him who preceded us. I am ashamed of my late grandfather Simin Tjokrodimedjo that only small combatant in the small village named Kejawar in Banyumas, his service is not too much. Will not as big as service of Sukarno the Indonesian Republic's first president. No match to compare services of Mr. Muhammad Hatta, even nothing to compare to the service Mr. Suharto that has a scale teeter services.
But I am not ashamed to say that my grandfather did not ask anything from this country, does not ask rank, not asking position, let alone little sum of money. He even has a firm principle that I always hold.
If you can not improve (the situation), at least do not make any damage. It is okay to campaigning oneself to Political Kampanye Damai area, but one thing must remembered! If he or she can not improve the people live, he or she should feel shame. Would not it be better if they are not campaigning themselves, if they know their capability is nothing, than they elected in mistake, and many Indonesian poor people suffer because of their idiocy? And finally there is no peace if stupidmen held as country leaders. Wouldn't it fun to name it as Idiocracy?

Created by tukang nggame in order to enliven a Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009.
Hopefully better.

— Wednesday, February 25, 2009